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Students having a blast playing Prime Time on an interactive white board.

Prime Time: Math Adventure is educational math software that combines the benefits of math tutor software with the entertainment of a video game. Most math software today includes little to no attempt to engage the student on an imaginative level. Can you imagine students actively looking forward to improving their math skills? By emphasizing quick thinking and core mathematical concepts in a Tetris-style environment, students will improve their math skills while enjoying the learning process. When was the last time your students asked for more homework or to use educational software?

Prime Time was made for schools!

We worked with teachers, math coordinators, and students to polish Prime Time. For example, once we discovered how many schools now have interactive whiteboards we tweaked the game to work exceptionally well for students to play the game as a group on an interactive whiteboard or SMART board. Also, we know teachers are extremely busy so we made the sure the game could teach anyone to play via the 1-minute tutorials, rather than require the teacher to explain how to play. We understand Prime Time isn't a full math software solution like some other products available, but we don't intend to replace those products and we set our price with this in mind. We wanted to make a game that would help students not only enjoy, but also get excited for math and we know we've succeeded.

It's easy to fit Prime Time into your lesson plan

Prime Time is a game that is both educational and productive, unlike most games that students play in their free time. Teachers are squeezing Prime Time into their tight schedule in many ways, such as:

  • Providing early-arrivers to class/school with a beneficial activity. Once in place, don't blame us if you start to see more of your students arrive early to class!
  • Practice for students who come for extra tutoring.
  • An assignment for directed math studies. The students won't even realize they are learning because of how much fun they are having!
  • A supplement for improving multiplication skills and arithmetic automaticity.
  • As a reward for students who finish their work early.
  • As an option for substitute teachers looking for an activity that is an engaging and a good use of time.

Also, with the auto-update and "Improve My Skills" features, Prime Time offers a dynamic and customized experience with NO input needed from busy teachers or IT personnel!

How much does it cost?

It is inexpensive1 to provide all of your students with the ability to play Prime Time!

Unlimited Single School Computer License: $300.00

Unlimited District License: Please contact us

These licenses NEVER EXPIRE! We're not trying to get money from your budget every year, once you buy Prime Time it's yours forever and all updates are free!

1. Inexpensive relative to an average cost of $700 for single school site licenses.

Try it Risk-Free

We can provide you with an evaluation version of Prime Time. It is the full version of the game, but all games are limited to 3 minutes and it stops working after a period of time. If you'd like an evaulation version for your school, please request it here.
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