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Road To The IGF: Whirled Games' Prime Time: Maths Adventure
Gamasutra - September 26, 2006

Sioux Falls Man Counts on Math Game
Argus Leader - October 15, 2006
Note: The article was taken down from the Argus Leader's site due to the archiving of past stories, so a reproduction is provided

The Value of Educational Games

An amazing resource related to using games as eductaional tools

Study Finds Video Games can Reshape Education
Associated Press - October 29, 2006

Beyond Nintendo: Design and Assessment of Educational Video Games for First and Second Grade Students
(This is a document, rather than a webpage, but it is very relavent. If a URL is found for this document then we will put it up.)
By Ricardo Rosasa, et al. - July 29, 2002

The Game Is On: Applying Computer Gaming Principles to E-Learning
James Gee, University of Wisconsin - January 1, 2007


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